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10 Enrolled Agent Tax Resolution services

10 Enrolled Agent Tax Resolution services

1. An Enrolled Agent tax resolution services can work with people of all backgrounds instead of only businesses or those who have a list of itemizations. This is a benefit for those who don’t want to use a software program to complete their taxes or use a company that is only open during tax season.

2. Agents understand all aspects of the tax codes and the tax laws. They have to take detailed exams that cover everything from gifts to closing a business and filing a return once the business is closed.

3. Since tax evasion can be considered a serious crime, you want to enlist the help of an EA who can approach the IRS in a professional manner. The EA can examine your information to offer a defense as to why you evaded paying your taxes or if you did so intentionally.

4. At times, the IRS will investigate people just to get more information about a tax return. An EA can offer the support and information that you need to handle the investigation in a proper manner. After you receive the request for information, an EA can help you with any documents that you need.

5. There are times when you might intentionally commit tax fraud or commit the act unintentionally. These acts include not reporting all of the income that you receive or claiming false deductions among other issues. An EA can help you with all of the numbers that should be reported to the IRS.

6. If you fail to pay your taxes, then you will likely encounter significant interest fees and fines. The EA you work with can approach the IRS to get the fines reduced and to get your tax bill under control so that you can pay it in a short time.

7. Examine past years of working to see if you failed to file a return. If you have years when you haven’t filed a return, then an EA can enter the information as an amendment.

8. There is a possibility that you have a lien against you that you don’t know about. The EA can find out what the lien is from and whether you have to pay it or not.

9. An EA works with all tax situations instead of only one area. This is beneficial if you have several issues that need to be addressed, such as business income as well as personal income or itemizations.

10. If there are any payments that you’re making to the IRS, an EA can make contact on your behalf to try to get your payments lowered or extended if needed.

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