Business Counseling

Business Counseling

Business & Financial Advisor Fredericksburg VA

At Brammer & Associates, we work with small businesses as a business & Financial advisor Fredericksburg VA to instruct them on a wide range of topics including business growth plans, managing cash flow and more.

We’re a small business too, and consider ourselves a partner to each of our small business clients. We’ll take the time to get to know your business, help you manage the financial health of your company and help you focus on increasing productivity and maximizing revenues.

Business is the backbone of all the services we offer.

Financial Advisor Fredericksburg VA

Don’t underestimate the role that planning plays in the survival of a small business. Relying on the direction of an experienced business counselor is the best way to ensure you are prepared financially for your business’ future.

With Brammer & Associates on your side, you’ll be able to maximize your efforts, avoid common pitfalls and set realistic goals for the future of your business.

Business Counseling is a personal discussion of your financial statements or other business matters.

Are you asking yourself these questions?

  • Why do my reports say I’m profitable when I never seem to have any cash?
  • What’s going on? Sales are way up, but profits are barely budging.
  • Should I lease or buy that new piece of equipment?
  • How are my depreciation choices going to affect my cash flows for next year? And the year after?

Most small business people aren’t accountants – they want to run their businesses without having to invest a lot of time in developing and understanding financial reports. That’s where we can help in answering questions like these. We understand what the numbers mean and can explain them to you in language you understand so you have the information you need to successfully manage your business.

Our counseling and Financial Advisor Fredericksburg VA services empower small businesses to conquer financial obstacles, become economically sound, and establish a healthy, thriving company. We know that businesses must consistently measure performance to avoid missing opportunities for expansion or wasting money on unnecessary expenses. As experienced business counselors, we have the tools to examine your company to find areas where changes can be made to increase efficiencies, enhance profits, and encourage growth.

We support our clients on a full-service basis. Our business counseling services ensure that you are successful not only at the launch of your business but as you move forward. We know that there are many aspects of running a successful operation, and that’s why we cover all the bases.

With over 20 years of helping businesses achieve success, we strive to bring the highest level of integrity and outstanding customer support to each of our clients.

Brammer & Associates’ goal is to help each client increase their profitability, increase their productivity and saving them time on financial related tasks that aren’t revenue generating.

Most importantly, Brammer & Associates helps our clients stay focused on their core business and give them more time to grow their company while we take care of the financials.

Business & Financial Advisor Fredericksburg VA


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