Do I Need an Enrolled Agent or CPA in Stafford VA?

Do I Need an Enrolled Agent or CPA in Stafford VA?

Do I Need an Enrolled Agent or CPA in Stafford VA?

Professional and competent tax accounting for your business is vital. Many business owners ask, “Do I need an enrolled agent or CPA in Stafford, VA?” The answer involves consideration of how an enrolled agent is uniquely qualified to handle complex tax issues. Here are some questions you should answer before deciding which tax professional is right for you.

Will your business require representation before the IRS?

An enrolled agent is certified by the IRS to represent your business in matters such as audits and appeals. The enrolled agent can also assist with collections. A CPA tends to focus more on accounting and financial services, and they may not have the credentials to stand behind you when the IRS comes calling.

Are your tax needs complex?

Enrolled agents are able to assist all types of business entities from sole proprietorships to corporations. They are also able to handle tax reporting for estates and trusts. Your tax needs may require an umbrella of services that are not offered by a CPA. An enrolled agent can often be a more practical solution for individuals who prefer that the same professional handle both personal and business tax reporting.

Do you want a tax professional with continuing education?

The IRS requires enrolled agents to complete a minimum of 72 hours of continuing education every three years. In most states, a CPA is not held to these standards. Continuing education requirements for enrolled agents means that these tax professionals are always up to date on the most recent changes in the tax code.

Your Stafford, VA business will likely benefit from the enlistment of an enrolled agent such as Brammer & Associates. Tax reporting for your business should be entrusted to a firm that has the experience and qualifications to handle any issue that may arise. Finding out too late that you have chosen the wrong professional can cost you time and money.

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