Best Tax Preparation in Stafford VA

Best Tax Preparation in Stafford VA

Best Tax Preparation in Stafford VA

The best tax preparation in Stafford VA are provided by Brammer & Associates, LLC. This firm has more than 20 years of experience in helping individuals and businesses with tax accounting and reporting. Bob Brammer leads a team of enrolled agents that are skilled in all areas of tax preparation.

What qualifies Brammer & Associates to provide the best tax preparation services for individuals in Stafford? Status as an enrolled agent is key. An enrolled agent does more than assist with tax reporting. They are also certified by the IRS to represent you or your business when necessary. This means that an agent will stand by your side in the event of an audit or appeal.

The best services are also those which help you to reduce your tax liability. No one is obligated to pay the IRS more than the lowest possible tax. An enrolled agent will review your tax documents and make suggestions for deductions. The agent will also give you advice on expense verification as well as any potential issues with your reporting. These things combine to save you both time and money.

Finally, choosing a firm that is up to date on the latest tax laws is necessary to receive the best services. Did you know that enrolled agents are required to complete a minimum amount of continuing education every three years? This additional training is not required of other tax preparation professionals. The firm you choose can only offer the best service when its professionals are in step with the ever-changing tax code.

Brammer and Associates is a firm that satisfies all of the above requirements. The firm goes above and beyond what you could reasonably expect from a tax professional. You can enlist the services of the firm with complete confidence that you are receiving the best tax preparation services in Stafford, VA.

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