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Advantages Working With an Enrolled Tax Agent

Advantages Working With an Enrolled Tax Agent

When it’s time to file your tax return, there are a few options that you have. One is to complete the work yourself. Another is to find a CPA or an enrolled tax agent office that can help. An option that you might not think about or know of is an Enrolled Agent or an EA.

This is a person who has taken several exams as well as classes dealing with everything surrounding taxes and tax codes. An EA could be compared to an accountant but without the same amount of schooling. The agent can work in a certain field of tax law or codes or work in a general area to provide assistance to anyone who needs help filing a return.

One of the benefits of working with an Enrolled Agent is that the person understands most of the situations that could occur related to tax returns. If you have any questions or if there are any issues with your return, then the EA will be able to approach the IRS on your behalf in order to settle the dispute or the situation with minimal effort.

There are several tax issues that could be overwhelming when you file a return, such as listing business expenses or listing gifts and donations. Tax evasion and tax fraud are common areas where an EA can help you achieve the best outcome. In the event that you are investigated by the IRS at any time, then an EA can communicate with someone from the agency to work out the best solution for both parties.
Although failing to file a tax return usually doesn’t result in a criminal charge, it can result in high-interest rates that occur. An Enrolled Agent can negotiate with the IRS to lower the amount that you owe so that you can quickly pay your debt.

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