Enrolled Agent Tax Accounting

Enrolled Agent Tax Accounting

Why Enrolled Agent Tax Accounting is a Better Choice

Tax accounting for both businesses and individuals is a serious matter. The complexities of the US tax code merit the expertise of an enrolled agent that has been certified by the IRS. Using a certified public accountant, or CPA, or attempting to do your own taxes may not be the best choice for you. Here are a few reasons why enrolled agent tax accounting from Brammer & Associates, LLC. might be a better option.

An Enrolled Agent Vs. A CPA

There are some very important distinctions between a CPA and an enrolled agent. First and foremost is the matter of certification. A CPA is subject to state-specific regulations when it comes to maintaining their certification. There is a Uniform CPA Exam, but individual states can impose their own standards for education. By comparison, all enrolled agents must satisfy a specific set of requirements mandated by the federal government.

An enrolled agent must pass a comprehensive examination administered by the IRS. The exam covers all aspects of the tax code. It covers the preparation of returns for both individuals and businesses. In addition to the exam, an enrolled agent must complete 72 hours of continuing education every three years, and 16 hours must be completed each year.

A big part of the continuing education of an enrolled agent is also education on ethical tax practices. The enrolled agent is more qualified to keep you on the right side of US tax law.

Enrolled agents also have no geographical boundaries. They can offer their services in any state. These agents can also provide you with representation in the event that you are faced with an audit, appeal, or other matter that requires a hearing with the IRS.

An Enrolled Agent Vs. Doing Your Own Tax Accounting

While many people are certainly capable of completing a tax return for themselves or for a business, self-preparation of returns and doing your own tax accounting might not be the wisest choice.

An enrolled agent will likely be able to help you by suggesting deductions that will lower your tax obligation. Your agent can also help with verifying expenses and recommending any documents that you may need. Agents offer a comprehensive tax solution, one that will reduce the possibility of mistakes in your return.

For business owners, enrolled agent tax reporting can be very valuable. The agent can help with properly starting or closing a business, employment taxes, and returns that involve income from rental property.

The best enrolled agents will also provide you a guarantee against mistakes on your return. Your agent should be willing to pay any penalties or interest if they are responsible for a mistake on your return.

Making the Best Choice for You

It is your express right to lower your tax obligation by any legal and ethical means. An enrolled agent has the expertise that others do not when it comes to efficient tax accounting. You should weigh the advantages of an enrolled agent against other options and make the choice that is best for you and your family.

Bob Brammer has many years of experience in helping individuals just like you with enrolled agent tax accounting. Brammer & Associates, LLC. has earned a reputation for excellence. The firm provides year-round services, and there is always someone available to speak with you about your tax accounting.

The fiscally responsible thing to do is manage your taxes and financial affairs in a manner that produces the best possible result. The wrong choice when it comes to tax accounting can have harsh results. The right choice will give you peace of mind.

Enrolled Agent Tax Accounting

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