fredericksburg tax accountant

Fredericksburg Tax Accountant

Things You Should Look For in a Fredericksburg Tax Accountant

Finding a Fredericksburg tax accountant is important for businesses and individuals who require professional assistance with tax matters. There are a few important qualities that you should always look for when choosing your tax professional. Making sure that your tax accountant meets these standards will insure that you receive the highest levels of service.

Comprehensive Tax Services

A good tax accountant does much more than prepare tax returns. The professional firm will offer a wide variety of services that work cohesively on the behalf of its clients. These services can include help with starting or shutting down a business entity, advice regarding deductions and the documentation of expenses, and representation in IRS hearings and appeals.

The tax accountant you choose should also be able to offer things like payroll and employment taxes if you own a business. When you choose someone with this expertise there is the advantage of being able to have your personal and business tax needs handled by the same individual.

An Enrolled Agent

An enrolled agent is most often a better choice when it comes to a tax accountant. Enrolled agents are certified by the IRS through education and testing, and they must participate in continuing education in order to maintain this certification. This means that the agent is always up to speed on the most recent changes to the US tax code.

Another advantage of an enrolled agent is that the agent is qualified to represent you in proceedings before the IRS. If you have been notified of an audit, appeal, or other hearing with the IRS, it is to your advantage to have qualified representation. It can be a mistake for many individuals to attempt handling these matters on their own.

Year-round Support

Tax issues are not always limited to the brief period that precipitates the filing of a return. The reality is that decisions you make throughout the year can have implications for your personal or business tax liability. The best firm is one that is available to consult with you year-round on matters of importance.

This is one of the main differences between a tax preparer and a tax accountant. Firms that only focus on tax preparation will generally limit their services to a certain time of the year. The tax accountant can offer ongoing support and consultation for the taxpayer.


It is very important that the tax accountant you choose be accessible. This means that you should be able to reach your professional when assistance is required. The best firms make client contact easy. You should be able to visit the tax accountant in her or her office, speak with them on the phone, or communicate by email whenever necessary.

You chosen professional should also possess the ability to communicate with you in a way that promotes understanding. The best agents will thoughtfully take the time to explain concepts that you may not be familiar with. They will not try to rush you through important discussions.

Bob Brammer & Associates, LLC.

You will find that Bob Brammer is a Fredericksburg tax accountant that meets all of the qualifications outlined above. From the qualifications of an enrolled agent to a year-round commitment to accessibility, Bob Brammer and his team place the needs of clients first.

You are invited to visit with the firm to discuss further ways that a tax accountant can help you with personal and business taxes. Any questions that you have will be thoroughly answered. Your personal satisfaction is always given the highest priority at Bob Brammer & Associates, LLC.

Fredericksburg Tax Accountant

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