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Enrolled Agent Tax Consultant

Enrolled Agent Tax Consultant

When hiring a professional to prepare your expat tax return, it is important to find the most appropriate person for the job at the best price. Enrolled Agents, tax attorneys, and CPAs will all claim to be the best choice but before deciding who would be the best person to hire to help prepare your tax return you should know the difference between them.

A (CPA) Certified Professional Accountant is an expert in accounting and focuses primarily on accounting and taxes related to personal and business. An (EA) Enrolled Agent is a federally ordained tax practitioner authorized by the Government and are especially skilled tax experts that can handle IRS matters including taxes, collections, appeals, and audits. A tax attorney is a tax law specialist and can represent a client in a court of law.

If you feel you might be headed to court then you will want to consider hiring a tax attorney & Associates. So you can basically count on using an Enrolled Agent for all your tax filing and IRS needs which will also cost you less than a CPA or Tax Attorney.

What is an Enrolled Agent?

Enrolled tax Agent are the only tax professionals who get their license to practice directly from IRS and the United States Treasury. The two paths to becoming an Enrolled Agent are 1) you work for the IRS for five years, then you become licensed without taking the test or 2) One must pass a very difficult 3 part exam and also a background check. An EA must know all of the ins and outs of income tax, gift tax, inheritance tax, estate tax, and payroll tax.

The continuing professional education required for an EA is seventy-two hours every three years, an EA’s education will focus solely on taxation and tax ethics.


  • Part 1 – Individual. 100 questions exclusively on the tax code for individuals.
  • Part 2 – Business. 100 questions exclusively on the tax code for business entities.
  • Part 3 – Representation, Practice, and Procedures. 100 questions primarily on Circular 230, the Treasury Department guide for practicing before the IRS.

For more information on Enrolled Agents, their background and requirements, please view this We are an Enrolled Agent. For information about how we can represent you with tax issues, please see our Representation page.

Enrolled Agents Are Solely Dedicated to your Taxes

When you compare an EA with a CPA side by side its pretty obvious that an EA has more tax expertise. As the only federally authorized tax professionals, we can help you with out of state tax matters also. Contact Brammer & Associates today.

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