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Enrolled Agent Tax Specialist

Enrolled Agent Tax Specialist

If you need help with your taxes, whether they are personal or business then you should know the difference between an Enrolled Agent and a Certified Public Accountant. Many people are unaware of the similarities between the two and those who are may still be confused as to which one they need to fulfill their needs professionally. They both have to go through rigorous testing and preparation to get approval from the Internal Revenue Service, but which one do you actually need?

With so many similarities in tax acronyms, distinguishing the difference between accounting professionals can be difficult and can end up costing you more than you need to if you don’t know better. The two main choices people turn to for tax help are CPA’s or Certified Professional Accounts and EA’s which are known as Enrolled Agents.

Enrolled Agents

Enrolled Agents are considered tax specialists and can actually handle almost all of your personal or business tax needs but to many who do not know this they typically end up paying more for a CPA to do work that could otherwise cost less and be even more convenient by dealing with an EA instead. Enrolled agents can help with income tax, audits, inheritance tax, gift tax, estate tax, payroll, retirement, non-profit taxation and more!

Certified Professional Accountant

CPA’s are more well known and have a broader range of knowledge and areas they are certified to practice including auditing, taxes, business law, finance and more. CPA’s are only certified to practice in their own state which is one of the most significant differences between a CPA and EA. With an EA you can have them handle taxes for you even if you’re filing for a different state. Using an Enrolled Agent will also usually cost you less too.

Enrolled Agent Tax Specialist

Enrolled Agents are actually your best choice as your preferred tax specialist for more reasons that just saving you money and typically being more convenient to work with. If you are in need of professional tax services then contact Brammer & Associates today! We’ll be happy to help you with your taxes. Give us a call at (540) 374-0545, you can also use our contact form or email us at to send a complete description of your business’ needs. You can also message or follow us on Facebook.