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Differences Between an Enrolled Agent and a CPA Fredericksburg VA

Differences Between an Enrolled Agent and a CPA Fredericksburg VA

Did you know that an Enrolled Tax Agent is just as qualified as a CPA Fredericksburg VA firm or agent to help with your taxes?
cpa fredericksburg va

Filing tax returns each year to Uncle Sam, beloved representative of the Internal Revenue Service, is unarguably a pain in the rear end, and definitively difficult. With a whopping 79 lines to sort through on the Form 1040, the simplest tax form there is in the tax code, so many Americans choose either a CPA or an EA to properly file taxes.

No stress.

No penalties.

No problems.

What’s Are CPAs and EAs, Anyways?

CPA stands for Certified Professional Accountant, a professional designation given out to accountants that typically practice government and nonprofit accounting, personal and business tax filing, consulting, or auditing. To be eligible for a CPA license, applicants must have completed 150 hours of relevant college coursework, pass a comprehensive four-part exam, and work under the guidance of a licensed Certified Public Accountant for at least one full year.

EA stands for Enrolled Agent, a professional designation assigned to full-time United States Internal Revenue Code tax experts, who typically have formal experience in tax, and are legally authorized by the United States Treasury Department to represent any and all taxpayers. Enrolled Agents are not required to first attend school, though they must have successfully completed just one of the following two options:

  • Successfully complete a background check; Score high enough on the SEE – Special Enrollment Exam – a difficult test that’s all about taxes – nothing else.
  • Be employed by the Internal Revenue Service for at least five years. Your position must regularly require you to make interpretations of the Internal Revenue Code – AKA the “tax code.”

Which Is Better At Filing Taxes?

While Certified Public Accountants unarguably are required by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants – the national governing body of the trade – to learn more than just taxation, Enrolled Agents specializein filing tax returns.

Do you need your nonprofit, school, government department, or public company audited? Hiring an Enrolled Agent in such situations wouldn’t really make sense, because they specialize in filing tax returns. Any expert would – or, at least should – advise you to hire a Certified Public Accountant.

Conversely, assume you’re in need of filing a tax return, whether that be for a business, trust, or family. Who would you call?

Certainly not Ghostbusters. Maybe a Certified Public Accountant. But why not hire the most specialized tax expert of them all – Enrolled Agents?

Enrolled Agent vs CPA Fredericksburg VA

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