Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation

We provide comprehensive tax planning and preparation of all tax returns. . . individual, corporate, partnerships, estates and trusts, and all 44 states with income taxes. We prepare multistate and part-year returns for those who have relocated during the year. We give you the opportunity to review your returns before you sign them and we provide you with both digital and bound hard copies of your returns. We guarantee you that if we make a mistake with your return, we will pay the interest and penalties.

According to your preferences, you may have your prep work done while you are in our office, you may drop your documents off for later prep, or you may send us your documents electronically and never have to come to our office at all.

We are a full-service tax office. If anytime during the year, you have a tax question or concern, call us. We are here to assist you. It is part of our service to provide you tax peace of mind.

Certified Acceptance Agent

For those individuals who need to obtain Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITINs), we have a Certified Acceptance Agent on staff to help you assemble, prepare, and verify all the documents you need to file with your tax return in order to secure your ITIN.

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