Business Counseling

Business Counseling

Business counseling is the backbone of all the services we offer.

Business Counseling is a personal discussion of your financial statements or other business matters.

  • Why do my reports say I’m profitable when I never seem to have any cash?
  • What’s going on? Sales are up a bunch but profits are barely budging.
  • Should I lease or buy that new piece of equipment?
  • How are my depreciation choices going to affect my cash flows for next year? And the year after?

Most small business people aren’t accountants – they want to run their businesses without having to invest a lot of time in developing and understanding financial reports. That’s where we can help in answering questions like those above. We understand what the numbers mean and can explain them to you in language you understand so you have the information you need to successfully manage your business.

We are available when you need it – any time during the year – and are as close as your phone.